Research Interests

Digital Entanglements – Our ethnomethodological research into the studio practices of fine arts furniture craftsmen Wendell Castle was presented March 2015 at the 18th ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing where it won a Best Paper Honorable Mention Award.

Excerpts from this body of research will be included in the 2015 artist’s catalog for Wendell Castle Remastered, an exhibition opening at the Museum of Arts and Design in NY, NY.

Human Robot Interaction

Stress Regulation in Robotic Surgery 

In collaboration with Weill Cornell Medicine, this work addresses complex questions that arise when surgical robotic tools (such as the da Vinci) are deployed into the operating room. Through site visits, observations and interviews, we explore how these tools affect the cognitive, affective and social processes crucial for the overall effectiveness of surgical procedures.

Cultural Studies of Robotics
This work explores social and cultural dimensions of robotic communities of practice and the cultural myths and imaginings that surround them.


Feminist Perspectives in Social Computing
In this body of work we engage in active, participant research surrounding feminist interpretations of computational practices, specifically those that fall into the realms of teaching and learning. To this end we explore the collaborative creation of the DOCC (distributed, open, collaborative course), wiki-storming with high school digital literacy projects and other inquiries inspired and informed by the larger FemTechNet collective.